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Monday, September 19, 2005

Play show or right-click to download Show 3 - Finding a voice...

In which Tigger tries to find his voice, and Piglet tries to help him

This week I thought I should try and overcome my natural shyness and talk a wee bit more. Of course, sitting talking to yourself doesn't help when it comes to being a bit more chatty. We east-coast Scots are brought up only to speak when spoken to; so blethering to fresh air comes as a bit of a challenge !

I was ably assisted by my gorgeous assistant Jasna, in whose 5yr-old eyes I'm just the best !

Let me know what you think; should I:

(a) keep talking, or

(b) sit back, let the music do all the talking and refer you to the bands' websites through the shownotes so you can find out about them for yourselves ?

I'm torn - I like the flow of the music when it's completely uninterrupted, but when I listen to podcasts I like to know who's playing whilst I listen. And talking of who's playing, tonight you heard from:

The Rantings of Eva - Infrared

Karma - Life

Santa Dog - Delicate

If you liked any of the artists you heard on the show, please go to their website and drop them a note telling them. Remember to mention where you heard their music ! Keep on supporting them; without their dedication, hard work and talent you'd be listening to 15 minutes of silence.

Please also leave comments here on the site if you have anything to say about what you think of the show, good or bad. It's your words that encourage me to keep podcasting.

(apologies for the rather noisy speech this week; the mic was brushing on my shirt !)

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Three great songs again, Grant, and good job chatting more! I say keep talking.

I sympathize, I'm quite shy about speaking into space myself. I'd probably have to talk to one of my dogs while recording, though I don't think their comments would be as...melodious as Jasna's...

Hi Grant

The podcast's coming along nicely. Jasna's a natural! Oh, and good tunes too.

I'm with Kari: keep talking, develop your style.

Listened to your last two shows, and commenting and listening to show 3 now, wow I can multi task!!
Great shows, got your link from the tartanpodcast.
Would have to go with (a), keep talking, love the music but a little chat breaks it up, in my opinion.
Keep going, its sounding great.

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