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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Play show or right-click to download Show 16 - The Scottish Podcast Clan is here !!

I made the announcement in show 14 that there was something exciting coming along soon; well, it's here !! Given that some of us have been linking to the site for a few weeks now, even while it was in development, it's probably no surprise that the 6 Scottish podcasts have banded together to form the Scottish Podcast Clan.

Yes, pop along to www.scottishpodcasts.com to find the best Scottish podcasts brought together under one roof. You'll be able to get all of the feeds for your favourite shows in one place, as well as being able to comment on what you've heard.

There's a nice, large link in the right-hand column which will take you there as if by magic !

So, in honour of this historic development, I put together a quick show featuring three stylistically-different Scottish artists, so that listeners old and new can enjoy a sample of the incredible variety of talent to emanate from this beautiful but small - yet incredibly creative and artistic - country that we call "home":

The Guttersound - Make Believers
('amazing Minx Punk' on Edinburgh's Broken Clothing Records - expect a lot more from this label on upcoming shows !)

Maeve O'Boyle - Not His Fault
(site not Firefox-friendly; best viewed in Internet Explorer)
"a 'natural lyricist' with an 'exceptional' voice"

Fourteen Hours - She Cried
Formed in 2003 by four mates in Edinburgh, named after a legendary drinking session during the festival season - playing at Nektar in Edinburgh on the 14th December, so catch them live !

Support Scottish independent artists - buy their music ! If they don't have any available yet, drop them an email and let them have some feedback on what you thought of their song(s) which you heard on Three From Leith.

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A bonus show! What a nice surprise. :)

Is there a problem with the commenting function on the Scottish Podcasts website? Or is it just my computer...?

I missed this one! Just downloaded it and played nos 16 and 17 on the way to work. 3 strong songs again, and as I said on Mark's last show, I love Maeve O'Boyle's voice.

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