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Monday, December 12, 2005

Play show or right-click to download Show 17 - Tunes (not the menthol nose-clearing kind)

Was the 'Tunes' ad a specifically British thing ? The man choked with the cold, trying to ask at the railway station ticket booth for a "First class dicket to Dottingham, please" as he hadn't eaten one and had his passages cleared with the cherry menthol vapour. Well, I could do with some today as I'm choked. I've kept the chatting to a minimum (who shouted 'Hurrah !' up the back there ?!) to save my voice, which tends to start cracking up quite quickly. My head's also stuffed with cotton wool so my thinking's not quite straight either - possibly why I played a Freddy liner twice in the show and then had the outro start up very quietly !! But it's all part of the live podcasting experience so I left it in, fluffs and all.

IT - Space Cadet Part 2
Email the guys and ask them about buying their music

Graystar - Life Support
The band have free mp3 files to download on their site
Give them some feedback on what you think here

Phideaux - Party
You can but Phideaux's music on CDBaby His next CD, "313", isn't actually out yet (despite what I said in the show, sorry), but keep your eyes on his site and on CDBaby for it appearing soon

Thanks to Freddy for the liner (more from him next week)

Background music was 'Cebrella' by Denis Kitchen

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That was good!!!

Cry No More is well worth the paid download from the Graystar site. The Phideaux track was fun.

Hope you recover soon. Must be all those linguistics!

If it wasnt for the fact xmas has made me a poor man i would go and buy some tunes, until then i shall keep this cast on my pod so i dont forget what to buy.

Love the show, heard about the new clan from mark.

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