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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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If you've found your way here from the Edinburgh Evening News article, welcome !

Three From Leith has one purpose - to bring you music that you'd probably never hear anywhere else. Be it local, national or international; it's all from independent or unsigned bands who're ploughing their own musical furrow without record industry support or interference.

Please don't take from this that the music is of an inferior quality or will be a muffled, crackly demo that's unlistenable. It's most definitely not ! It's all incredible stuff which is superbly produced and put together. These artists don't need to fulfil any contractual obligations to put an album out by a certain date, so you'll not find filler tracks that are only there to pad out the one or two decent songs that they'd written in the allocated time. They can take their time and stay true to their own artistic vision with no need to compromise.

It seems that the press and the industry are slowly catching on, following the success of Nizlopi and now the Arctic Monkeys, who're successful of their own accord and who don't need record-company millions pumped into publicity campaigns to get there. They're now realising that artists can do it themselves and make money, and they're getting worried.

So - sit back, download a few shows and enjoy the incredible wealth of talent that's out there. If you like what you hear, you can contact the artists direct and you'll get a personal reply. How many artists that you buy in HMV or Virgin would do that ? How many will take the time to chat to you and will be genuinely pleased that you got in touch ?

And if you really enjoy the music, why not spend a few quid and buy from the artist direct ? Help them continue to make great music and provide you and I with unmeasurable listening pleasure. You won't regret it.

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Three from Leith is the haws!

Hi Grant thanks for the words of encouragement you left on my comments page. I have not had the courage to play my podcast to customers in my taxi yet, keeping a low profile until it improves, although this weeks show is definitely looser, due to the alcohol intake whilst researching our burns night supper. Nice to see you getting some publicity, and Edinburgh podcasts in general. Rick

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