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Monday, January 09, 2006

Play show or right-click to download Show 21 - Rocking again !

Welcome to Show 21 from the all-new, easier to remember www.threefromleith.com ! Yes, I've registered a snappier domain name to get you to the site. Hope you find it a bit handier !

After a few weeks where the shows have been leaning more towards the laid-back, it's time to change gear and veer more towards rock for today's show. Presuming you're all getting back into work (which I was when I recorded the show at the end of last week), this lot should kick-start you back into the working year:

King Bear - Fantasy Of Killing
Self-styled as 'Edinburgh's premier musical quartet', sounding like a cross between The Fall and Sigur Ros and featuring my old workmate Ian Jeffries, the band have only just put up their website. Email them with any comments or feedback.

Luva-Anna - The Ballad O' Boaby Smith
The boys from Dundee also have a MySpace page here, which has more information about them and their excellent blend of folk, indie and rock. You can email the band here.

The Haze - Restless and Wild
A Radiohead-esque track from this Bristol 4-piece. I can't find a website per-se, but they do have an online forum for the band where you can leave your feedback or ask them how to get hold of their music.

As always, the bands really appreciate hearing what you think about their music and are grateful for the support you show by buying their CDs and merchandise. 'Podcasting' was the word of the year in 2005 - let's make 2006 the year of the podsafe music artists. Even if you just email them and say 'Hi, heard you on Three From Leith', every single contact brings a little joy into their hearts !

Finally, check out loyal listener and commenter Gabor Kovac's great new show, 'The Electrical Language podcast' and the equally loyal and podcast-loving Molly's blog 'Molly From Omaha says "promote"!' for tips on promoting your podcast. My apologies to both - I waffled so much during the recording of the show that I overlooked my shownote bulletpoint 'mention Molly and Gabor's sites'. D'Oh....

Background music was 'The Silk Route' by Satya, and Denis Kitchen's 'Cebrella'.

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Thanks for the mention, Grant!

Great show, as well. I especially liked the Ian stories - absolutely hilarious!

Sorry, still giggling at "Grant the Man"! ;-) Nice site you've got here - will have to look in more often.

By the way, just a thought ... How about using Blogger or Wordpress for your "other" site?

I chuckled all the way to work thinking about poor old Ian and the hole-punch confetti in his brolly. Now, who can I do that to?

PS thanks for the plug - some good stuff coming in show 5 this weekend. Also, I'm having problems loading your site today. Slow and no graphics. You might want to check if you've been tinkering.

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