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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Play show or right-click to download IT CD ordering and Frappr mapping

I received the following information from James from the band IT about how to order their current CD, 'Over and Out':

"We are currently in the process of setting up an online store on our website www.spacehouse.tv , but this will probably take a little while to set up. What we have done in the meantime is that people have sent us £5 in the post (or a cheque made payable to Nick Jackson), and we have posted off copies of the album (price includes p & p).

If you are ok with doing that, the address to send it to is:

Nick Jackson (IT)
32 Hutton Lane
Harrow Weald
HA3 6RD"

On a separate issue - Frappr maps ! My apologies if you received an invite from me to join and are wondering why. I only meant to invite a handful of people but instead invited the whole of my GMail address book. People have already been visiting and wondering if the email was some kind of devious spam as they couldn't see a Frappr map on the page. The simple answer was that it wasn't spam, and I just hadn't got around to putting the map up before you came looking ! It's now there. Feel free to add yourself / stick your pin in to let me know where you are.

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Hi Grant,

thanks for the invitation to join your Frappr-friend-list - it's an honour.

Thanks also for this entry that you send it to all entries of your addressbook which destroyed immediately the impression from above :-)



I was so flattered when I received a request from you to be added to MY frappr map! until then I didn't know I had one, but I do and you and I are the only pins on it, so far.

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