Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

New site - update your bookmarks !

I've moved onto a new site, so www.threefromleith.blogspot.com will no longer be updated.

Please update your bookmarks to www.threefromleith.com to avoid missing out on any new shows.

See you over there !

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Monday, February 06, 2006 

Three From Leith Showcase Gig !

In the last show, I hinted that something was up and asked you to keep your diary free for Friday 14th April. Well, I can now reveal that - courtesy of the fantastic Santa Dog - the lineup has been finalised for the first ever Three From Leith showcase gig !!

The Venue: Cabaret Voltaire, Blair St, Edinburgh
The Date / Time: 14th April, 8pm - 10pm
The Bands: Chocyamo, Santa Dog, Opal Sky

Ticket price to be confirmed (likely to be £5)

Start spreading the news.....

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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

PodcastUser Magazine launches online

A new free online podcast magazine (in PDF format) has been launched, featuring articles by many well-known UK podcasters including some quiet bloke from Leith...

Visit the site at www.podcastusermagazine.com - there's an RSS feed so you can have each issue delivered to you automatically when it comes out.

On a separate matter, it's a new month so why not vote for Three From Leith at Podcast Alley ? Whilst you're there, remember to vote for all of your other favourites too.

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Monday, January 30, 2006 

Show 24 - East & West

Three songs, two from the East of Scotland and one from the West ! Evening News and Evening Times - yes, Edinburgh and Glasgow !

This week's show was done whilst reclining in my lovely new chair; does it make me sound more laid back ?!

I seem to be on a run of Scottish music at the moment, but as I explain in the show I'm being inundated with incredible music from local bands. Doing one show a week playing three tracks means that I'm just not able to fit in everything that I want to play. So, to all the bands still waiting to be played, bear with me - I'm getting there !!

This week's bands who came out of the big lucky bag of splendiferous tunes are:

The Silent Revolution - Tonight
Email the band
Buy the music

Chocyamo - Bernard Drake
Email the band
Buy the music - contact the band for details

The Ocean Floor - The Whole Animal
Email the band
Buy the music

Splendid soundbeds as always by torchomatic

Comments by Jasna
TFL Synth voices by Alex Aitken

This week's Scottish Expression is "blether" as I'm sometimes accusing Jasna of being one when she havers on (I'll cover 'haver' another time !!)

Apologies for the rather shortened shownotes this week; I'm still looking after Jasna more nights a week than usual so time is rather short again. Maybe next week....

Thank you for continuing to support the independent artists in 2006 by listening, feeding back and buying their music.

Three From Leith is a member of the Scottish Podcast Clan

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 

In the News... the Evening News !

If you've found your way here from the Edinburgh Evening News article, welcome !

Three From Leith has one purpose - to bring you music that you'd probably never hear anywhere else. Be it local, national or international; it's all from independent or unsigned bands who're ploughing their own musical furrow without record industry support or interference.

Please don't take from this that the music is of an inferior quality or will be a muffled, crackly demo that's unlistenable. It's most definitely not ! It's all incredible stuff which is superbly produced and put together. These artists don't need to fulfil any contractual obligations to put an album out by a certain date, so you'll not find filler tracks that are only there to pad out the one or two decent songs that they'd written in the allocated time. They can take their time and stay true to their own artistic vision with no need to compromise.

It seems that the press and the industry are slowly catching on, following the success of Nizlopi and now the Arctic Monkeys, who're successful of their own accord and who don't need record-company millions pumped into publicity campaigns to get there. They're now realising that artists can do it themselves and make money, and they're getting worried.

So - sit back, download a few shows and enjoy the incredible wealth of talent that's out there. If you like what you hear, you can contact the artists direct and you'll get a personal reply. How many artists that you buy in HMV or Virgin would do that ? How many will take the time to chat to you and will be genuinely pleased that you got in touch ?

And if you really enjoy the music, why not spend a few quid and buy from the artist direct ? Help them continue to make great music and provide you and I with unmeasurable listening pleasure. You won't regret it.

Three From Leith is a member of the Scottish Podcast Clan

Monday, January 23, 2006 

Show 23 - The Backpackers

Apologies to the bands who I'd been planning to play this week, but after the Dropkick / Dead Beat Club gig at the Caledonian Backpackers Hostel last Friday I was put in the mood to play the bands I'd heard plus one which was new to me (I'd fallen into conversation with one of the band members and looked them up when I got home).

So, for a flavour of the gig I bring to you:

Dropkick - Top Of The World
From the amazingly catchy and incredibly witty 'Music To Watch Sheep By' album, which you really should buy. Tell the boys how much you enjoy them and pester Alastair to get the lyrics put online here. Or go and be their friend on their MySpace page.

The Dead Beat Club - Everything Turns To You
The band are going into the studio this week to record a 'live' performance of some of their material to capture that essence of the magic you feel at a gig. No multitracking, just setting up as a band and recording the whole band playing together. Keep your eye on their site and their MySpace page for details. Drop them a wee note here with some words of support and buy their wares.

The Sundowns - Wendy
I can't believe I hadn't heard this band before, but luckily I was speaking by chance to band member Ross who'd come along to see Dropkick and the Dead Beat Club. You can find out more at their site or on their MySpace page, and drop them a line via the message function on MySpace (as I don't have an email address for them and can't find one on their site).

The soundbed was supplied once more by the wonderful torchomatic.

Honourable mentions during the show to the following:
Sooz Rowan's "Cruisin' With Susan podcast" - TFL's 18-wheel lady US trucker friend
Molly From Omaha
Port O' Leith bar
Edinburgh Evening News

This week's Scottish Expression is the haws, as in "this scone is really nice - it's the haws, so it is"

Thank you for continuing to support the independent artists in 2006 by listening, feeding back and buying their music.

Three From Leith is a member of the Scottish Podcast Clan

Monday, January 16, 2006 

Show 22 - The Edinburgh Bands 2

Are you still local ?

Over the last few months, I've been receiving lots and lots of CDs from many local bands. Once more, I'm staggered at the sheer quality of music coming out of Auld Reekie and by the number of bands living, recording and playing in the city. You've heard some of the tracks spaced over the last month or so, but today is another all-Edinburgh show for your enjoyment. Three tracks, three different styles, three more treats for your ears !

Douglas Kay - How Can I Be Sure
A track from Douglas's brilliant "Of All The Towns To Sleep In" album which you can buy or download from his site. Visit his MySpace page or email Douglas with your feedback / comments.

A Very Secret History - Hatcheck Girl
RIP 'Calvin', here's Edinburgh's alt-popsters with a new name to reflect their sound and style. Visit their MySpace page or email them your feedback / comments.

The Mars Patrol - Turn It Around
Rock'n'Roll with the lovely Davina Devine and the band. Pop by their site, click their Shop link and check out the Hotpants for sale along side the CDs! Or you can visit them on MySpace or email them with your feedback / comments.

The soundbed music was supplied by the excellent torchomatic

This week's Scottish Expression was "to go your dinger", as in "she was fair gaun' her dinger" (she was extremely angry).

'Molly From Omaha says "promote"!' - Molly's blog for tips on promoting your podcasts

'The Electrical Language podcast' - Three From Leith's friend Gabor's excellent show !

Please feel free to leave comments about the show, music or just say 'hi'. Alternatively, drop me an email, visit my MySpace page or leave your pin on my Frappr map; details are in the sidebar on the right !

Thank you for continuing to support the independent artists in 2006 by listening, feeding back and buying their music.

Three From Leith is a member of the Scottish Podcast Clan

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