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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Play show or right-click to download Show 8 - Music with rocks in !

There's a slightly rockier feel to the show this week so settle back, shake your
hair loose (if you have any left), dust off the air guitar and get ready to play...

The Brothers (N) - Sparks

Emergency Red - Hurricanes

Barely Hi-Fi - Walking All Day

Background music was Dirty Diamonds by The Brothers (N)

Apologies for the rushed nature of the vocals - I got my new PC on Saturday but
l'm still trying to set it up properly ! I was hoping to record the vocals directly
into Audacity but for some reason the mic signal was very quiet and the sound was
phasing. I wasted an inordinate amount of time faffing about with various recording
and sound settings before throwing in the towel and reverting back to recording
using my iRiver. Of course, by that time it was getting late and I had to get them
finished so I rushed them out. Sorry !

Hopefully when my real soundcard arrives and I install it things will sort
themselves out. That coupled with my new mic & mixer (now hopefully being
delivered next Tues) should see a huge jump in the vocal quality. Fingers
crossed, eh ?!

It may also allow me to spend more time rambling rather than just giving you a
quick band bio each week.... consider yourselves forewarned !

Finally, as always, if you liked anything you heard then please visit the band(s)
involved and tell them you heard them on Three From Leith. I know they're always
pleased to hear what listeners think.

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So the guitar solo isn't dead then!

Good show, enjoyed the music. Sound quality on your bits is getting clearer, still a bit to go. Lokking forward to the next one.


Thanks Gabor.

The new mic, mixer etc's delivery date has been put back again so the vocal quality won't be as good as I want it for a wee bit longer...

Hi Grant - correct me if I'm wrong - you have the title of a Discworld-Novel?

Great music and good luck with the podcast



I do, Klaus - 'borrowed' from the fantastic 'Soul Music' by Terry Pratchett! Well spotted.

You're picks of literature are definitely a proove of quality :-)

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