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Monday, October 31, 2005

Play show or right-click to download Show 10 - Wicked Rock !

This show was recorded on Halloween, so maybe you'd be better to play it backwards in case the spirits left any messages there. I'm sure I heard a couple, like "My socks smell of marmalade" and "Hippo poo is good for you"... But then again, I had drunk a glass of cheap Aussie plonk with my dinner, so who knows what effect that had on my brain !

Served up for your delectation on tonight's silver salver were:

Vanton - Wyatt Earth
(Buy Vanton tracks at www.bonairerecords.com with free money on sign up - send your purchased files to friends and get paid 20% if they buy!)

Exitpilot - Strangeview
(their online shop is coming soon)

The Reverse Engineers - Mercury In Retrograde
(the podcast explaining their songs is here, or you can buy their CD 'Max Q' here)

Visit the bands' sites, make a purchase or just drop them an email. Give a little back to them for all that they have given you for free today. Even if you just leave a comment here saying what you think of their music, every little bit of feedback is appreciated.

Special thanks to Denis Kitchen for the theme music, Derek K Miller for the soundbed and my lovely assistant Jasna for the voiceovers.

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They climbed up 5 flights of steps to your flat and you didn't open the door...that would bump off any custom including guysing... :) :)

Great show tonight, liked the energy.

Nah... I never even buzzed them into the stair so they could get up here ;-)

Another good show Grant. I liked the Reverse Engineers, even if they did sound a lot like Rush (cf earlier comment on BJH!)

Guysing sounds fun, better than that naff trick or treating. I apologise to your American readers - apparently they don't have a word to convey the full meaning of naff. I bet it's in Wikipedia, though ...

Wikipedia's definition of naff:

Naff is also sometimes used (particularly in England) as a word to describe something which is seen to be particularly "cheesy" or "tacky". An example of a sentence in which it might be used is, "Did you see that Dr Who repeat on the TV last night? I've never seen such naff sets!"

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naff"

Ah...I like that word "naff"...it describes so much of what Walmart sells...
the Yank equivalent is "janky"...meaning slipshod, ill made, lacking design or taste

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